Location Strategy

Location Strategy

Take the guesswork out of site selection with predictive analytics that determine where new stores and warehouses will be successful.

Plan and find the right locations with Location Strategy

Why the service makes businesses successful:

  • Proven expertise: Leverage a seasoned understanding of what strategies have delivered success across a wide spectrum of retail & e-commerce businesses.
  • Custom, data driven strategy: Benefit from a strategy that's not just off-the-shelf-->Key variables are selected based on what predicts your specific business's success and are used to generate location recommendations based on what's most likely to predict revenue.
  • Integrated, all-in-one services: Tap into our holistic suite of services, including construction solutions and growth strategies for existing businesses. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless transitions, avoids delays, and guarantees that the chosen site's use and occupancy align perfectly with your business concept.

How the process works:

From launching a fresh concept to expanding to the 1,000th location, Prime Site's Location Strategy distills millions of data points to identify the predictive factors for store level success. Client-specific plans are crafted utilizing three data sources to arrive at the most predictive and accurate models for your business. Recommendations are meticulously matched with real-world building codes and available listings to guarantee a perfect fit for your business's use and occupancy needs:

What's included in the service:

  • Data Validation: Prime Site sifts through the most important variables to determine which criteria will inform the most accurate model for your specific business and areas of need
  • Success Modeling: Tens of thousands of location candidates are ranked based on our predictive criteria
  • Mapping Results: Your future real estate roadmap and recommendations are visualized in an interactive environment to guide decision making
  • Use & Occupancy Analysis: Models and recommendations are only theoretical until they are vetted through local code. Let our use & occupancy knowledge benefit
  • Tenant Identification & White Space Analysis: Have a parcel of land or an existing building? Use our analytics to decide who would be a successful tenant or business concept.
  • Competitor Footprint Assessments: Knowing where customers go today allows you to craft your unique position and avoid over-saturating the market.
  • Pre-Construction: Our integrated services position you to execute on the construction phase of the project without delays and communication gaps
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