Operational Efficiency & Optimization

Operational Efficiency & Optimization

Combine the right technology and operational processes to increase the efficiency of your in-store and e-commerce finances.

Run a tight ship with Prime Site's Operational Efficiency and Optimization Services

Why the service makes businesses successful:

  • Superior Process Engineering: Our decades of retail experience helps us design and implement efficient processes that maximize your output while optimizing costs. Protect your margins by trusting Prime Site to build new processes that avoid the bloat of needing to hire more headcount to meet demand.
  • In-store Flow Syncs with Network Operations: Misalignment between store level operators and the connective tissue of network operations leads to sunk costs via wasted labor, damaged inventory, lack of staffing, and eventually, employee turnover. Our processes and org design foster tight collaboration between network and store level operations where the on-site staff are tethered to the broader business and execute responsibilities with greater precision as a result.
  • Master Physical Space: We ensure your physical retail spaces work for you, not against you. By studying traffic patterns, store layouts, and product placements, store planners gain greater clarity into where they can increase revenue per square foot and which areas and products need attention.

How the process works:

The Construction Management service covers all phases of the site construction process from prototype to grand opening:

  • In-depth Analysis: The process begins by conducting a comprehensive examination of your current operations, pinpointing inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and misalignments across store level operations and network operations. A blend of qualitative site walks and team interviews is paired with a cross-vertical analytics to arrive at a top-down and bottom-up view of where opportunities exist.
  • Collaborative Redesign: Workflows and systems are redesigned with the necessary input and feedback loops to ensure the full team gets behind the solution. Equipped with the full view of the team, our processes not only get great buy-in but also are pressure tested by various perspectives to identify gaps.
  • Implementation and Ongoing Support: Prime Site doesn't just propose changes and exit - we play and active role in implementing them. We're there every step of the way, from the first alterations to ongoing monitoring and adjustments. We also provide continued support to ensure your operations remain effective and efficient.

What's included in the service:

  • Labor Planning & Workforce Management
  • Supply Chain Re-design
  • Delivery & Fulfillment Efficiency
  • Opex Management
  • Sku Productivity Analysis & Inventory Optimization
  • Store Setup & Launch
  • Procurement: Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment

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