Construction Management

Construction Management

From design phase to closeout, construction management services ensure each phase of a project and vendor are managed on time and budget.

Build and deliver your sites with Construction Management

Why Prime Site's Construction Management makes businesses successful:

  • Broad Geographic Reach & Experience: Prime Site's reach extends across the nation, having successfully completed construction projects in almost all 50 states. This breadth of knowledge is paired with a competitive vendor sourcing strategy to achieve the fairest price with the right contractors for the job.
  • Deep Knowledge of Local Code: With an intimate understanding of local code, we can thoughtfully navigate any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and can cite relevant portfolio experience to determine the right use & occupancy for your space. A deeper sense of what's allowable in your space will open up more possibilities for space use and value engineering to save budget.
  • "We've been in your shoes" Mentality: Prime Site was founded by former retail industry insiders who know the timeline and budget pressures of new building rollouts. Plans are designed with empathy and therefore a sense of urgency to match your accountability.

How the process works:

The Construction Management service covers all phases of the site construction process from prototype to grand opening:

  • Pre-Construction: During this stage, we conduct comprehensive Site Investigation Reporting, offer detailed support, and devise strategies for CapEx and budgeting. We lay a solid foundation for your project, identifying potential challenges and ensuring all is set for a successful construction journey.
  • Permits: Leveraging our vast understanding of the permitting process, we strategically navigate Over-The-Counter (OTC) versus Building Review, offer expediting services, and apply our intimate knowledge of different Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) to facilitate seamless market entry. This regulatory compliance phase is crucial for a smooth transition to the construction stage.
  • Construction Execution & Management: This is the pivotal phase where your vision becomes reality. Our capacity to manage multiple sites across different AHJs and our rigorous focus on adhering to project timelines ensures the construction process aligns perfectly with your expectations. The team is trained in any project management tool you're comfortable with to facilitate effective collaboration.

What's included in the service:

  • Site Investigation and Due Diligence Support
  • CapEx Budgeting and Permit Expediting Services
  • Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) Navigation
  • Integration and Management with Industry-leading Tools (Google Sheets, Smart Sheets, Bluebeam, ProCore, Autodesk BIM 360, PlanGrid, Viewpoint)
  • General Contracting and Procurement Services
  • Competitive Bid Sourcing and Review
  • Tenant Improvement (TI) Budgeting
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