Wawa site development & construction in North Wildwood, NJ

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North Wildwood, NJ
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About the Project

A developer in Wildwood, NJ acquired a parcel of land with the intent to develop a Wawa. Several steps were preventing Wawa from occupying the space:

  • An existing tenant's business had to be relocated prior to commencement of Site Development and demolition services
  • Parcel needed to be cleared of any existing structures for the site's grade height to achieve required elevations
  • An entirely new building and storm drainage system had to be constructed to meet Wawa's standards

Actions Taken

The team took the following steps to deliver a new space:

  • Tenant relocation commenced by completing tenant improvement construction for the existing lessee in accordance with the owner/developer's terms
  • Site development prepared the site for construction beginning with a demo of the existing structures including excavation, the installation of storm drainage systems while digging below the water table, and additional stabilization measures due to the site's proximity to the ocean.
  • New building was constructed with concrete, impervious, utility infrastructure, foundations, & interior installations being the final components.
Flat work was completed after grade height was adjusted to the appropriate level


The owner/developer received:

  • Successful relocation of prior tenants and site development in tricky circumstances while satisfying local department of buildings/zonig
  • A brand new ~4,000 Sq Ft retail space for Wawa to occupy
  • On time and on budget completion

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