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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of real estate development do you specialize in?

PrimeSite covers each stage of commercial real estate development by specializing in site selection, site development & construction, and omni-channel growth strategy for our business clients. Pairing these services together as an integrated offering de-risks projects for real estate and retail leaders by ensuring sites are located, constructed, and set up for long term growth without the costs of coordinating multiple service providers and large teams.

What do you mean by "Omni-channel Growth"?

Omni-channel growth is a customer-centric approach in which all customer engagement channels are integrated so the customer has a unified and consistent experience whether they are at a physical store, using an app, or on a website.  Mounting customer expectations on omni-channel services such as online delivery, in-store pickup, mixed use retail, and promotions require businesses to re-think how they approach their current real estate footprints to optimize traffic and revenue per square foot. PrimeSite ensures brands leverage the best options available to engage existing customers and reach new users through a variety of channels, many of which require planning for during the construction process.

Do you have case studies of past successful projects?

Yes, please head to our projects page to see some high level case studies on past work we've been involved with and contact us directly if there is a specific service you would like to better understand. We can be reached through the form above or at

Why choose PrimeSite vs. building in-house or hiring other firms?

Clients get 3 primary advantages when they work with PrimeSite:

-Proven expertise in technology and real estate development: PrimeSite has produced hundreds of high volume storefronts and e-commerce businesses for leading companies and know how work together to integrate with your teams and achieve similar results. Working with PrimeSite provides speed-to-market and deep expertise that are not guaranteed with varied providers or scaling costs of staff in-house. We have "been in your shoes" countless times and know the key elements that lead to commercial success.
-Vertical integration of the necessary processes: Launching an omni-channel storefront requires close integration of site selection, construction, e-commerce, merchandising, marketing, and fulfillment. PrimeSite’s solutions deliberately combine physical and digital strategy to simplify a wide range of expertises that are hard to coordinate regardless of in-house or contractor arrangements.
-Pricing based on value generated and discounts on bundled services: PrimeSite builds custom project plans meant to achieve specific goals for customers in a milestone based approach. We structure pricing based on the total value that our services generate for your business and based on achievement of project milestones. Discounts are offered when site selection, development, and e-commerce growth strategies are bundled together to ensure a higher likelihood of project success.

How can I get a consultation and quote for my project?

Contact us at for a quote--we respond in 24 hours and can collect the necessary details to quote you on a project during your initial consultation.