Increasing customer growth by testing in-person retail for digital brands

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About the Project

A first ever retail store can increase customer conversion, navigate new regulations and paperwork, and provide superior support compared to traditional email and phone channels. Since it's the first time a company has ever tried an in-person presence, it's important to consider:

  • Site Selection: Determining the right locations and spaces for the new centers was a top priority to ensure ROI positivity.
  • Staffing: Hiring and training staff to cater to the needs of tens of thousands of customers with proper training and setup
  • Service Discovery: Proper messaging has to be developed to alert customers that the offering was available without disrupting the existing conversion processes.
  • Store Format Planning: Knowing where to throw the dart is important, but you also need to know what the dart looks like. Effective prototyping and space planning will ensure the space has the features needed to be successful.

Actions Taken

To address these challenges, local team can test the strategy on the way to a broader rollout:

  1. Pilot Testing: Conduct tests to determine the efficacy of in-person interactions for customer conversion, revealing that customers converted best when given a choice between digital and in-person interactions.
  2. Location Strategy: Develop a location strategy to favor areas with high customer density
  3. SMS-Based Scheduling: Implement an SMS-based appointment system to manage the flow of customers


This process can create several favorable results:

  • High Visit Rates: Greater Orders per day at existing locations
  • Expansion: Once you understand how to set up a profitable box P&L, you can use the information to expand more effectively at additional locations
  • Communication Optimization: SMS marketing and segmentation allows you to deliver the most relevant messages to customers based on both in-store and digital shopping experience
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