Rebranding a new McDonald's

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Mt Holly, NJ
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About the Project

For any McDonald's franchisee, uptime is crucial. Therefore, the demolition and remodel of this location required a quick turnaround to minimize loss of business. This project involved several complex components to navigate before a new building was delivered:

  • The space needed an overhaul of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) utility capacities to align with brand and safety standards.
  • A very unique feature had to be removed– a 15 ton vintage train car initially served as a boost for foot traffic and ultimately needed to be relocated to a new home. As one might've guessed, the market for 15 ton vacant trains isn't exactly a liquid market.
  • A new store format had to match McDonald's in-store expectations with a larger drive through to accomodate a higher volume of orders

Actions Taken:

To accommodate the fast pace and unique requirements of this project, several steps were taken:

  • Setting up site for the development of the new building. The foundations, site and storm drainage, and masonry created the right base
  • A double lane drive-through was built to accomodate a higher volume of customer traffic and throughput.
  • The equipment and MEP were upgraded: All electrical, water service, and fire protection services met the current fire code ratings. Working with McDonald's corporate allowed for smooth sequencing for restaurant equipment installation.


The McDonald's Franchisor was pleased with the results:

  • Uptime for the store was maximized with the project completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Total turnaround time was 5 and 1/2 months.
  • A newly revamped 3,500 square foot McDonald's was successfully delivered with the right features to continue serving loyal customers
  • The 15 ton train car found a home at a local museum which reduced costs of disposal with creative problem solving

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McDonald's new space in Mt Holly, NJ
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